Skillet Breakfast Specials

Miss Katie’s Skillet $7.95
Two eggs prepared any style served over char broiled Italian sausage links with our famous hash browns. Includes Italian toast

Corned Beef Hash Skillet $8.25
Two eggs prepared any style served over a mound of homemade corned beef hash. Includes Italian toast. Was served to Hillary in February 2008.

Country Ham Skillet $7.95
Two eggs prepared any style served over a slice of country ham with our famous hash browns. Includes Italian toast

Strictly Fresh Eggs

Two eggs any style served with…
• Ham, bacon or Italian sausage links $6.50
• 1/4 pound ground beef patty $6.25
• Char broiled boneless pork chop $6.75
• Two eggs & hash browns $5.95
All include Italian toast


Made to order with our house batter

Plain $6.25
Blueberry $7.25


Eggs Benedict $10.25
Two poached eggs with Canadian bacon atop a toasted English muffin covered in Hollandaise sauce With hash browns add $1.00

Steak & Eggs $10.95
A perfect start to a long day. Juicy 5 ounce tenderloin char broiled to your liking served with two eggs any style, hash browns and Italian toast

Two Slices $5.95
Made with Italian bread and two eggs prepared any style

Three Slices $6.50
Made with Italian bread, served with country ham, Italian sausage or bacon

Three Slices of French Toast Only $5.25

Spinach, Mushroom & Swiss Cheese $7.95
The Customer Favorite!! Always fresh ingredients

Italian Sausage $7.75
A unique omelet with Italian sausage, sautéed green peppers and onions

Bacon & Cheddar Cheese $7.75
Prepared with smoked bacon and Wisconsin Cheddar. Enjoyed by Rachel Ray in May 2004

Denver & Cheddar $7.75
A mixture of country ham, sautéed onions, green peppers and Wisconsin Cheddar

Three Cheese $7.75
Dairy fresh Wisconsin Swiss, cheddar and provolone

Vegetable $7.75
A combination of fresh seasonal vegetables finished with Wisconsin Cheddar

Omelet of the Day $7.25
Ask for today’s choice

Omelets served with Pitch’s homemade hash browns and your choice of toast

Coffee $2.00
Regular or Decaffeinated
Hot tea $2.50
Iced tea $2.50
Hot Chocolate $2.25 Milk $2.25
Orange juice $2.00
1/2 carafe $4.00
Carafe $7.00
Grapefruit, pineapple or cranberry juice $2.50

Half cantaloupe $3.50
Oatmeal $3.25
Oatmeal and toast $4.50
Bagel with cream cheese $3.00
English muffin or toast $2.00
Cinnamon roll $4.00
Side of ham, bacon or sausage $3.00
Side of hash browns $2.75
Sautéed mushrooms or peppers $2.25
Extra cheese $2.00
Egg white only $3.00
Egg substitute $1.25

Eating raw, or lightly cooked foods of animal origin can increase your risk of food borne illness

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